Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Images -- Carthage Fair Over the Years

This isn't one of The Enquirer's gallery images;
it's a photo of my grandfather, Johnny Applegate,
on the old Carthage track. has a glorious photo gallery of images from past Carthage Fairs. Some images are as recent as the 1980s, while others appear to go back to the '30s or '40s, with everything in between. Not only do these images show what the old fair used to look like physically, including the grounds before they were diminished by Cross-County (now Ronald Reagan) Highway construction; they show how popular the fair was, and the kind of enthusiasm shared by crowds in the multitudes. There are several good shots of the old grandstand as well as vintage midway rides and attractions.

At the same time, The Enquirer posts "As County Fair Opens, Some Ask: Time to Move?"  Read it and weigh in.

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  1. Oh, that beautiful track they used to have - and the big grandstand to go with it.